ADULTING [pt. 2]

2017 has officially begun, so here are some photos I've taken throughout the last few months of 2016 as I was working and exploring in Hong Kong. As you can see, I ate A LOT of good food...good thing I went on a few hikes too but seriously, wow Hong Kong! 

It still surprises me whenever I look back at 2016 and see how much my life has changed. Time really does fly by in the blink of an eye–whether we would like to admit or not. I have stopped making new year resolutions for a while now, and I do not plan on adding this tradition to my life at this point. However, I do have a few things I want to reflect on 2016, as well as some things I would like to remind myself as 2017 kicks off. 

  • you are the best judge of what to do with your life

  • if you hesitate, don't do it

  • when things go wrong, step back and ask yourself, 'is this the end of the world?'

  • don't take what everyone says to you to the heart

  • exercise, don't be (fat) lazy

  • feel stuck? go for a walk, get a tea/coffee, make sketches, talk to friends and family, shoot some photos, read a book–just pause your crazy mind for a bit

  • stop. stressing. out. about. things. you. cannot. control!

  • under all situations, breathe

  • people look up to other people, and they look up to other people, stop comparing

  • "would you be satisfied with what you are going to do/did today?" make sure it is a yes

  • take care of yourself and stay healthy

  • people with power often belittle others; stick to your own beliefs and strive for your own goals

  • some people just aren't worth your time, and that is okay– just let them go

  • life is about having fun too, you know

  • everybody has his/her own struggles, so be nice

  • if your heart and mind say no, get out of there fast

  • company benefits are nothing compared to the actual work environment and people

  • not everyone is obligated to like you, and vice-versa

  • just do what you are doing, and you will be fine (you do you boo) 

ALRIGHT 2017, I think I am ready for you now! :-)

Gloria Ip