I am typing this blogpost right now all snuggled up as I am listening to the symphony of thunder and rain outside my window. The past three months had gone by in the blink of an eye; and although in times some days would feel longer than others, I felt like my experience interning at Adobe just breezed through without stopping. 

To be frank, it still feels weird thinking that I no longer need to live that 9-5 life anymore since I will be getting back to the 24/7 work-grind at school instead. It also feels weird knowing that I am officially done with my project aka contribution to the team at Adobe. Throughout my internship, I got the privilege to work with an absolutely amazing and talented team of designers and software engineers. It was incredible learning how things work at big tech companies, especially at one that is so popular and dense. 

So – my position was a User Experience Design Intern on the Digital and Video team, and I specifically worked on figuring touch solutions for certain products. Without prior knowledge to video tools and touch/gestures, I started out as a noob (for real). I had to ask all the questions, do all the research, and work super duper hard to grasp what was going on since I jumped on the train right in the middle of their product development. Needless to say, the first few weeks were quite challenging and hectic. 

However, shortly after the first few weeks, I began to understand how things worked and was given more and more responsibilities – that was when I started learning the most. I am the type of person to work until I fully understand something and make sure that in the end, it is executed correctly (and sometimes even beyond expectations). As some might say, "you have to go above and beyond" in order to make an impact. My mentality the whole time was to make sure I was working towards the goal of contributing to this vast company in any kind of way possible. 

I can honestly go on forever about my experience working at Adobe, but a few of the many great things I learnt as an intern are:

1_Seriously, ask questions, even the seemingly-dumb ones (unless they are those dumb-dumb questions). As an intern, you have to be fearless to do a good job + if you want to learn and make the most out of your experience. Nobody will hate/judge you for asking questions and trying to learn more. It can be intimidating and difficult – I totally understand – but simply by putting yourself out there and letting people know that you care, that is crucial (especially when working on a big big team in a big big company). 

2_Always be nice. People overlook this aspect so much; but honestly, since you have to collaborate with others at all times in an environment like this, it's better to maintain a good relationship with everyone you work with. At least try. It can be rough, too, because obviously not everybody will be nice to you. But that's okay: you can always be the bigger person aka the more likeable person. As one wise soul once told me, "don't ever burn bridges with anybody."

3_Go above and beyond. As I've mentioned before, it's so so so important that you show your passion and love for not only the company, but also in what you do. If you truly love design – or engineering, or finance, or dance, whatever – you can easily prove that to those around you. Make sure the work you do is top notch, and put in 200% effort in communicating with people and meeting expectations. 

4_Seize all sorts of opportunities. If your boss asks you if you would like to present at this massive event with important people (higher-ups), say yes, and then make sure you polish up everything you've got ESPECIALLY your presenting skills. I personally consider myself as a weak presenter – or used to anyway; it all changed ever since I started interning at Adobe. My boss gave me tons of opportunities to speak up and "shine", and I would always say yes before I could change my mind. Practising all these skills in a professional environment will give you so many more benefits than you'd imagine. Just make sure you execute them well! ;)

5_Set up 1:1 meetings with your mentor/boss/manager/whomever in charge of you. I've witnessed this with many of my other friends, and I can guarantee that this contributes a LOT to your success as an intern. It allows you and your boss to bond over either casual chit-chats, or conversations regarding your project. Don't be afraid to ask him/her questions, let him/her know of any problems or concerns you might have. He/she is your best link to the company, so take full advantage of that. Communicate with him/her on a regular basis to keep track of things and the progress of your project.

Anyway, like I said before, I can definitely go on forever but I should probably stop here before I ramble on. The past three months have been spectacular and there were so many positive moments as well as learning experiences. I can say that I 100% enjoyed my time there, and I am soooo thrilled to see some of my works appear (subtly) in the products sometime in the future! :)


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