THE THINGS I LIKE #september

It's the time of the month again – THE THINGS I LIKE #september – I've finally compiled a list of random things I like, from songs to art/design inspirations and outfits. WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU...

art & design

THE MARTIAN // As a UX (+ interaction) designer, I really do enjoy looking at fascinating user interfaces. ASH THORP is an interesting and inspirational place where people can find well thought-through and executed UI designs that have probably been in movies/shows you've seen. THE MARTIAN is so beautifully done, and it portrays the universe and galaxies and stars in a futuristic and gorgeous style. Hmm, I love it. :)

GIVE IT FIVE MINUTES// I'm not a perfect person. There are times when I get frustrated and rush through things – I realize being in that state makes me vulnerable to making mistakes and bad decisions. If you are like me (sooo, if you are not a perfect person), you will enjoy reading this article. Very on-point.

PRIMER// Check out this aesthetically pleasing and practical pilot program launched by Google! :)

HONDA: POWER OF DREAMS// I love watching stop-motion videos. I feel like they all show how impressive the creators' patience and talent are. Honda recently released this advertisement; and just like any other stop-motion videos, it doesn't disappoint!

JACK MA: "HARVARD REJECTED ME 10 TIMES"// A very, very long interview with Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba. I have always known that Jack has an extraordinary past and passion, which shaped him into the person he is today. Bear with the length, and you'll get a lot of insights from this video. 


CASUAL & FLORALS. I love comfy and casual outfits. Honestly, why wear big, luxury brands when you can wear decently-priced clothing that are just as nice (or even nicer, in some cases)? I've been obsessed with this thin jacket from ASOS I bought a few months ago. It's so soft and cute (hehe), and most importantly, affordable!!! Also, I love wearing black so this ASOS black skirt and FOREVER21 black shirt are just the perfect simple outfit for me. :D

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