After doing fashion blogging for a good period of time, I finally found my favourite way of editing photos! I found a distinctive style I love and represents my (quirky) personality. :) Thought it'd be innovative to put in a bit of character in these photos; hopefully it's working!

Anyway, the Seattle weather has given up being happy and cheerful – it feels like the end of fall already aka it's cold and gloomy. Good thing I get to go home at the end of this week! I'm very much looking forward to finally doing nothing and drawing/painting/working on my personal projects. Also will get to hang out with my hip parents after nine months of not seeing them. I can already tell the next couple of weeks are going to be a blast! :) However, going home would also mean my internship is coming to an end. Looks like it'll take me a while to get used to the non-9-to-5-lifestyle (which means more sleep, yay). 

I will be writing a post about my internship experience overall next. Stay tuned! But for now, feel free to check out my August playlist! :)

hat: zara // shirt: forever21 // shorts: asos // kicks: nike

Photos Taken By @paigekwon
Photos Edited By me

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