HURRRRRAY my website is no longer under construction! It took me a while to revamp this space, but I must say I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. I am going to take some time to fix minor details, but in the meantime, please let me know if there is anything you dislike or have ideas for my site! I would love to hear from you. :)

The reason behind renewing this space is mainly because I realized the look&feel of my previous one didn't really scream "Gloria"; its style, the colors, the template, everything seemed too rigid, ordinary, and dull. I didn't have much time to explore my other options back then, so I just stuck with using a typical template. That old website doesn't do me justice – it wasn't who I am. This new version is a lot better, though it still isn't quite perfect yet. Hopefully it has a little more character and is more organised/easy to navigate around.

With that said, I am indeed thrilled to be back. While this site wasn't available, I did open up a TUMBLR and I am definitely going to try to maintain that piece of me. It will serve the purpose of being home to my "100 HAPPY THINGS" project. By posting a happiness-related quote /experience /lyric /thing along with a hand-drawn watercolour illustration daily, I hope I can cheer people around me on; to let them know that the things that have gone wrong will eventually be fine again; to tell them to hang in there because life has its way of testing us; to keep myself motivated every single day and shower everyone with happy thoughts. :) That's the goal of this project. I also am trying to push my limits, hence I am making myself post daily! I am almost on day 10 – man, time seriously fly by! 

So my another project currently in the making is a little book. Yes it is in the making, though the process is quite slow. I am planning on creating everything on my own – the content, the illustrations, the design, etc. This is going to be a long but entertaining process, I am excited to get it done! 

On a sidenote, only a couple more weeks til I get to see my parents!