I have always been an oversharer, and I love it when people share their recent favourites with me too. By "favourites", I mean anything, really, ranging from clothing items to blogposts/websites. Sometimes it's not noticeable but we as humans can learn a lot from one another. So I thought, why not make a monthly blogpost about my recent favourites? Hence, "THE THINGS I LIKE" series. :)

Passion & Progression, The New Yorker Art Editor on what makes an unforgettable cover Francoise Mouly, The Android Experiments: InkSpace (***Actually, all the Android Experiments are pretty darn cool. Check them out!) are blogposts I've recently read that I love. They are inspirational and to me, motivating as well. 

Jimmy, known as 幾米, is a well-known Taiwanese illustrator whom I absolutely love. I have been collecting his books since I was young. I strongly recommend everyone to read his picture books because not only are his drawings stunningly beautiful, each story has a very deep and moving meaning behind. [A few of my favourites by him HERE & HERE & HERE .]

10% Happier is a book I am currently reading. Its content is different from my expectations but it's been interesting thus far. 

I recently bought The Logo Brainstorm Book and it "teaches" design in an innovative way. The author encourages people to use their design thinking skills to understand logos, and he gives technical suggestions/advice on how to be better at it. 

Ugh, I have been wanting to purchase this book for a while already. Many animators recommend it, and The Skillful Huntsman has very good ratings. I really need to get my hands on it! It seems like a very dense book with lots of technical details. 

Oliver Jeffers is hands-down one of my top few favourite illustrators (along with Jimmy, of course), and I recently just discovered his books. I love, love, love his style and all his drawings are so darn adorable! I love his stories and the way he tells those stories. He mainly produces picture books for kids but I shamelessly bought one for myself. Well honestly, adults can read picture books too!

Last but not least, Top Designers Give Us Their Summer Reading Picks! As you can probably tell, lots of dense and great books listed there. I'm trying to get back into the habit of reading so this list is definitely helpful. 

A few months ago, I spontaneously decided to try kickboxing at a martial arts center nearby. I ended up loving it – first off, it's a great workout, especially in cardio and muscle-building. Secondly, it is a sport that challenges you mentally and physically, which is what I love. Though it's only been a couple of months, It's taught me so much about being strong as a person and perseverance. Thirdly, the people! My tutor is absolutely amazing. She's patient and quirky, so classes are always fun! Fourthly, the environment really pushes me. At first I felt a little intimidated and shy; but after another class, I was comfortable doing all sorts of punches and kicks! It's been great! :)


ANNNNND that's it for this month! :) Now onto another week of awesomeness. Happy Sunday!