Hai folks! As some of you may know, I got offered an internship at Adobe a while back and guess what – I just started my internship on Monday this week! I am currently still trying to get used to the company culture and teams and whatnot, but I am loving every bit of this company so far! No exaggerating at all. I love how genuine and friendly people are here. They are all so witty, creative, fun, intelligent, and humble. I love the food at the cafe – even the salad tastes phenomenal! I love how much flexibility there is. I love the clean and minimalist architecture of the building. I love the way people treat one another there. I love the fact that the full-time employees in the company treat me like a real designer and make me feel worthwhile and valuable. :) I cannot be more thankful for a great opportunity like this, in all honesty.

Anyway, I went on another photo-adventure with Paige last Friday and we finally found the perfect location to shoot all my photos (and the future ones as well). It's a beautiful area with surprisingly diverse architectures and environment. I am currently obsessed with looking casual and simple combining only a few pieces of clothing. Wearing many pieces of expensive clothing is overrated – what people need is comfortable, unique, and affordable pieces that they can wear and style. At least that is what I believe in. I hope you like "my style" – still trying to define it but there are more coming soon! :D

Meanwhile, I am going to learn how to balance life with work. Brb.


Shirt: Zara \\ Shorts: ASOS \\ Flats: ASOS \\ Sports band: Garmin Vivofit

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