Here's a snippet from a photo run I recently did. More to come soon! 

A few days before finals, my homie Alec – whom I hadn't seen for a couple of years – and I scheduled a long-awaited photo adventure! It was a day full of jokes, heart-to-heart convos, and sweat. Y'all should remember Alec, 'cause this artistic photographer is going to make it big real soon. :) Oh also, I have been trying something new with my outfits lately – something more edgy, more casual, more "me". Finally found the style I love and I look forward to showing more sides of "me" in the future! Bucket hats, floral, shorts, hightops/boots. Hmm.  

Hat: Stussy [Urban Outfitters] \\ Jacket: Zara \\ Bralette: thrifted in LA \\ Pants: Forever21 \\ Shoes: FreePeople \\ Socks: UO \\ Tanktop: H&M

On a sidenote, as most of you probably know, I am currently in Seattle alone while the rest of my family is across the Pacific Ocean. I have been getting used to it – except, I get (very) emotional (very) easily when things happen to my family – and that is exactly what has been going on in my life. Though these events do not directly affect me, they do affect my family as a whole. It pains me seeing my parents suffer without their kids by their side.

But since there is nothing I can really do, I figured the best thing I should and will do is to be there for them and pray and be strong for them. I have decided to live my life to the fullest and make the most out of it; while I am at it, I will laugh and smile and be happy for both myself and those around me. 

I wanted to clear things up because social medias make people seem like they live the most perfect life ever. While I am not denying that a lot of people out there are living their dream lives, I highly doubt everything goes perfectly smooth for them. Because of the illusion, I think it is important to remain humane on social medias. Show all things great and happy; but at the same time, be yourself and be proud of the life you live. It may not be the brightest or most flawless life ever, and that is okay; the people who love and care about you will genuinely do so without you having to pretend. 

I am a happy smiley blob of sunshine – but I too have ups and downs in life. I show all those times shamelessly on Instagram, because I am proud of it. It's my life and I own it. I hope you have the courage to do the same. :)