It's been a while - school is flying by at the moment and it is pretty terrifying. I am both extremely excited and nervous about starting my internship since it is my first internship in the US - not to mention that it's with Adobe! I am totally prepared to be challenged and work hard daily though. *insert macho emoji here*

The Seattle weather has been bipolar as per usual. On Sunday I was sweating in a tshirt and shorts and today I am shivering in my tshirt, rainjacket, and jeans. Ridiculous, but what can I say - that's Seattle for ya! Anyway, as a designer, I always try to keep up with several design blogs/websites that I love and have incredible discoveries/posts from time to time. This habit helps me stay inspired and motivated, so I highly recommend it. The following ones are a few of my ultimate favourites - I am still trying to discover more so stay tuned! :)


PHOTOS: Paige Kwon
ASOS top // ASOS [Daisy Street UK] skirt // Urban Outfitters socks // Zara shoes // thrifted necklace
Gloria Ip