It's been a week since school started again, and it feels strange. I still think about strolling around the busy streets in London, riding the packed tube, devouring afternoon tea and brunch, and hearing British accents everywhere. 

Quite a while ago, my one gem of a sister decided to book me a flight to London so that we could have some much-needed sisters-bonding time. Ever since we scheduled this trip, we both could barely contain our excitement - she'd spent weeks planning for the perfect trip that wasn't necessarily tourist-y, which is what made it so unique and memorable (hence, the title Alternative London). 

Because it was only a short 7-day trip, we spent as much time as we could outdoors doing something - a few of my favourite highlights include:

1) FEASTING. We were literally eating 70% of the time. Thanks sis for spending all the dollars on food! :) Unlike Seattle, London has a ton of fabulous restaurants/cafes known for their brunches. I was incredibly fortunate to get a taste of a lot them. I must also mention the beautiful and surprisingly filling afternoon tea we had. I can really go on and on about the food in London so I better stop now. 
To feed your curiosity (pun-intended) - I highly recommend going to DUCK & WAFFLE, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, and DISHOOM (my ultimate love). Be prepared for that food coma afterwards though, I warned you.

2) HARRY POTTER STUDIO. Yes I like Harry Potter, but I was never a die-hard fan. After doing the spectacular studio tour, I fell a little bit more in love with it. My sister and I spent hours walking through the rooms, and I was constantly inspired and surprised by how the crew made the magic happen. Seeing all the sets and understanding the work and effort poured into bringing HP to life - my mind would not stop going nuts. 

3) MUSICAL(S). Once again, shoutout to my beloved sister again because she'd prepared for me to see Matilda the musical, which was very enjoyable and adorable. Whenever I watch musicals, I always feel weirdly attached to the stories and characters. I loved it - totally recommend it.

4) ALTERNATIVE ART TOUR. Super. Extremely. Mind-blowingly. Cool. No words can possibly describe how inspiring the tour was. It was visually stimulating and, to be frank, quite touching for me to be introduced to what is going on in the art scene in London. It was also fascinating to notice things that I was not aware of/familiar with before. Great tour guide, street art, and history. 

5) THE DESIGN MUSEUM. I went in without knowing what it was going to be, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I spent several hours there, repetitively checking out each and individual design pieces that designers were nominated for. Once again, very inspirational. I was so glad to get a taste of design in the UK. 

Anyway. This short vacation was definitely one of my favourite trips, and I am still struggling with the withdrawal. I lay in bed at night and bits and pieces of London would flash before my eyes. London is such a special and inspiring city that has a unique culture and is full of historical memories. All thanks to my beloved sister for making all this happen - thanks for tirelessly taking me around and effortlessly planning every single thing before my arrival. Feel free to check out her YOUTUBE CHANNEL and BLOG!

Did NOT bring my DSLR with me because of the limited space I had in my bags...please excuse my shakey hands.
Music: Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo remix) \\ Camera: My phone HTC One \\ Editing software: Final Cut Pro.

PS. Please let me know if you would like more details on things such as restaurants/cafes/parks/places I went to - comment below or email me: