life has never been better. 

if you haven't heard - i recently got offered an internship at Adobe this summer as a design intern. i'll never forget how i felt when i got the phone call; everything was a blur and my heart was beating so fast. i have been on Adobe ever since i could remember. i am constantly trying to create using their software and i pretty much grew up with it. needless to say, i am extremely stoked to be a part of this influential, talented, and just - great - company this summer. so so so happy.

on a side note, i have been trying really hard to juggle several other things right now, and if you are curious...

  • i am writing a story and planning on creating the illustrations as well.
    this is going to be so. much. fun. i am very excited. i have always wanted to write my own little story and publish it - i guess i will be doing that right now. oh and if you are wondering, nobody's publishing my story. i'm just doing it for myself. :)
  • i am finalizing a lot of things for a fashion/art/creative startup (FACEBOOK\\INSTAGRAM) i founded with my fellow homie PAIGE (who also takes majority of my fashion shots - wootwoot). we are going to be filming a promo video and throwing it up on indiegogo soon - stay tuned kay!
  • if the above two go well, i will also consider doing artworks/graphic design works and put them up on etsy. this is still in consideration, but definitely something i would love to do!

Take life one step at a time. Have faith that everything will be okay, and it will be. 


Blazer: Forever21 \\ tanktop: Zara \\ jeans: h&m \\ purse: RiverIsland \\ accessories: Forever21 or thrifted \\ scarf: MY MOTHER KNITTED IT. Photos by PAIGE KWON.
Gloria Ip