I personally believe that nothing worth having comes easy. I am sure you've heard this enough times, but I want to stress on the fact that being persistent and staying motivated are essential parts to success. I don't have all the money in the world or own the most expensive house. But I consider myself as successful - I have many many things that I want, I am surrounded by the most genuine and loving people, I've been lucky enough to inspire others while being inspired, I am capable of doing things I am most passionate about, but most importantly, I am incredibly happy and satisfied with what I have right now. 

Here is a little exercise (or ritual...) I try to do every single day when I am walking to class in the morning that cheers me up. 

  • Anticipation: always have something you can anticipate for every day - whether it be grabbing food with friends, going to work out, etc.
  • Recollection: think about moments that make you happy and satisfied. Relive those memories and soak in all the joy.
  • Gratitude: be grateful for everything - the fact that you are able to walk to class, go to class, live under a roof, have friends, have a family, have clothes to wear, etc.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS TRY TO REMEMBER "ARG". It's made me significantly happier - no exaggeration - I am always reminded of all the good things in life, hence I begin to see happiness even during some dark times. Obviously, this is not the only way, and you should not rely solely on this because ultimately you are in charge of your own happiness and emotions. But if you really try, you can be one very happy person. :)

top: ASOS // necklace: from my mum // jacket: cotton on // rings: forever21 // purse: riverisland

PC: Paige Kwon


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