One question that I always get asked is, where do you get your inspirations from? 

Whether it is for art or design, my inspirations come from all sorts of places. I people-watch (which is not as creepy as it sounds I promise), go on strolls, read articles, daydream, and I eavesdrop in people's conversations more than I would like to admit. It is tough to say that my source of inspiration comes from only one place, and majority of the time it happens automatically. 

To break that down, imagine this: when I sit at a coffee shop alone, I see people walking around minding their own business and I hear some of them chitchatting with one another. There is always something happening at any moment. The guy in the corner might accidentally spill his drink, which will trigger a reaction in this space I am in. The reaction could be huge - involving a crowd - or he could be the only one reacting. Knowing what is going on and remembering it can be really interesting. So, I keep both my eyes and ears open at all times. 

To me, it can be very interesting to notice small things that are happening around me. An old couple hanging out by the lake in matching outfits, a mother trying to comfort her crying baby, a guy sneakily approaching a fat squirrel, a group of friends talking about relationships - these experiences accumulate inside my head, and I always have the urge to turn them into sketches.

Whenever I create something, I always try to put in a little bit of character (or a piece of me) in my work. Personally, I think the worst thing (in the creative realm) that can happen nowadays is people creating the same things - photos taken from the same angle, artworks that are unoriginal. designs that already exist, etc. It is boring.

Be different and innovative, because the world will eventually be sick of seeing the same things soon. Be aware of your surroundings. Have an open and curious mind.