GETAWAY // Poo Poo Point

I swear I didn't think I'd be able to make it - I guess it finally hit me that hiking in the US is probably 50x harder than the ones I've done in Hong Kong. The journey to the start of the trail was tiring in itself, simply because we met up at 7am and took two buses to a city nearby - Issaquah. It didn't take us long to find the starting point and so we began hiking at around 10am. Even though the first part of the trail had barely any incline, the thick mud made it hard to walk. When we were 1/4 done, I was finally aware of the fact that (1) I lacked endurance and strength, (2) we still had a long way to go - and it would only get tougher with increasing elevation. 

Not to mention my embarrassing hiking moments, the overall hike was tough but enjoyable. Despite the many unpleasant surprises that happened along the way (slipping all over the place while going uphill, freezing in the cloud-covered section of the mountain, seeing absolutely nothing at the lookout because of the thick fog/cloud/mist), it was a lot of fun chitchatting with my friends and I was so grateful for their optimism and support (both mentally and physically) because I know I'd not have made it without them cheering me on. Seriously.

After we got back to civilization, we had hot soup and cookies to sooth our headaches and fill out empty stomachs. Issaquah started getting sunnier. Then we were able to head back to Seattle, where it was absolutely sunny and gorgeous, and soaked in all the vitamin D we were lack of back in the mountain. 'Twas great.

MY TAKEAWAY: [For amateurs aka unfit hikers like ME]

- ONLY go when the weather is guaranteed nice.
- Wear appropriate/enough clothing:
don't expect the sun to shine on you - because it may not. 
- Bring music: it pumped me up, a lot.
- Do NOT bring a huge backpack. (Don't overpack like I did.)
- Bring a ton of water.
- Go without expectations: makes the hike a lot more interesting - and you won't be disappointed if you get a nonexistent view at the end of the hike. 
- FRIENDS: All caps because having friends means fun conversations, joy, help, and love. But going alone could be fun too I suppose - just not for amateurs. 
- POSITIVE ATTITUDE: I was close to failing this, but I was able to pull myself together. Appreciating the beauty of every little tree and stream you pass by could make your trip worthwhile. 

Now you are officially 101% ready to hike Poo Poo Point, yee!

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