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As I am typing this post, I am finally home - sitting in my parents' cozy apartment back in Hong Kong while listening to my new favourite song Leyndarmál. I spent the past couple of days brainstorming what to write in this post, possibly my last one in 2015; I knew right away what I wanted to say. 

The past three months have been a rollercoaster ride and no, I am not exaggerating at all. First off, the animation program kicked my butt. The learning curve was enormous - I spent every single weekend in the labs trying to get good at using Maya and animation in general. The program forces me out of my comfort zone and I am constantly challenged by the assignments, time constraints,, etc; there were times when I wondered whether or not I'd made the right decision to enroll in this year-long program. Thankfully, as time went by, I began to feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction whenever I finished a motion, or a model, or an effect. Whenever I show people my character animation and see them react, it fills me with pure joy - and that feeling is irreplaceable. 

Second off, there was design. It was a very interesting but challenging class about User Research, taught by a Frog Designer. It was great; it sparked my interest in research. I have always loved talking to people and learning to view the world from their perspectives. Being able to conduct interviews and complete the whole design process from start to finish (primary and secondary research to ideation) was amazing - everything made more sense to me that way. Nobody should ever underestimate research!

So since I am already a senior, the other day I couldn't help but think to myself: man, I am about to enter the real world. To be frank, I am both frightened and thrilled. What kind of person am I going to be in six months? What job will I have? Where will I live? Where will my friends be? How am I going to make a living? Will I be able to take good care of myself if I have to relocate? What company will I end up working for? Are the people I meet at work going to like me? AND THEN I WILL HAVE TO FORCE MYSELF TO STOP.

I still think that there are so many things I have to do but there is no time. I want learn how to code and make really cool prototypes; and take business classes and see how maybe I can start my own business; or maybe I should do extra research to pick up more design skills; and...the list goes on forever.


Recently, I noticed that there are so many 21/22Y.O.s who are anxious about their futures too, just like me. I see a trend; an unhealthy trend in which younglings overthink and allow their "monkey-minds" to take over their senses. It makes them believe that if one thing doesn't work out, it's the end of the world. It lets them think that they are fighting alone, even though there are others on the same boat. It scares them so they want to give up easily..


However, these younglings don't understand that coping with and appreciating the present is just as important as thinking about the future. Being a 21 YO, I can't say that I know all the little tricks to deal with life; but I am confident to say that I have learnt so much about dealing with my monkey-mind. I figured that the best way to overcome hardships in life is to face it head-on with 200% positivity. I've also realised that happiness is not a destination - it is a process, and it is when people make conscious decisions to be happy and think positively. I've learnt that not everybody is compatible with one another - it is the same when it comes to lovers, friends, and even companies. Rejections happen all the time, but it only means that more opportunities are out there for us to fight for. Most important of all, we will all be where we are suppose to be, because some things are just not meant to be no matter how hard we try. We just have to give our fragile little hearts a pat and whisper, "everything is going to be okay." 

Life is a journey with slippery hills full of rain and mud and dirt. But it also has scenic routes that many people miss out on because these people give up before they could see the view. So are you going to be the person to stop before the hills, or the one to push through and be rewarded with the sceneries of paradise? 

I am only 21, but here is my 2 centz.