SOOOO senior year has finally begun. Even though it only started for two weeks, I feel like it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride!

For the most part, because this is my first quarter in the Animation Capstone Programme at UW, the learning curve is huge. Don't get me wrong though...everything is so cool and I absolutely love playing around on Maya. Just being in the programme – which is more selective than I'd thought – and the presence of my incredibly talented professor (who's been in the industry for many many years now), it inspires me so much. I. Love. Animation. I have just been stressed out because Maya is such a complicated program and there is a million things you can do with it. Animation itself is such a foreign thing for me; I draw, and that's about it! I love storytelling, too, but I have never been exposed to professional animation production before. Hence, yeah, I have been MIA. WELP. This is going to be a rough but extremely satisfying three-months! I can't wait to look back at my projects and say, hey I learnt Maya from scratch in a few weeks time and made these! It'll be awesome.

Aside from animation, I'm taking a really interesting IxD class about User Research – which is something that our class has never touched on before. Just like the animation classes I'm taking, this one requires a lot of hard work and excellent time management skills; it's all good though I'm very excited to learn more about user experience/user research since I'm aiming to enter that field (or animation) sometime in the future! :) 

Photo credits: Paige edited by me // ZARA hat // ADIDAS tee // FOREVER21 coat // AMERICAN EAGLE shorts // ZARA booties

I haven't had the chance to write up an official list yet, but here are a few things I want to work on (or achieve) over the next couple of months. 

  1. Finish my book // Yesssss I am currently making my own book. Writing, designing, illustrating, printing, and binding it all. At least that's what I am shooting for! This is going to take some time but it will be totally worth it! :)
  2. Job apps, job apppppps, JOBBBB APPPPPSSS // I am currently job hunting. Super, duper, bussssy! I'm hoping to get a job soon. #hustle
  3. Save $$$$$ // For this year, I have decided to buy as few articles of clothing as possible – I'm trying to save up so that I can go on my grad trip at the end of the year! This will be brutal just 'cause I love shopping and clothes and fashion blogging and all...BUT, it will also be worth it! Time to start playing around with my old wardrobe...hmmm...
  4. Get Design and Animation down // I just want myself to meet my own expectations. That's all. It shouldn't be difficult though. :) 

Anyway! This is the end of my update for the first few weeks as a senior in university...I do have one question in mind though: where did time go

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