It certainly has been a (long) while since I last had the time to blog. The past month or so has been nothing but crazy - to summarise my fantabulous Christmas break, I'd say that I ate way too much, went on countless dates with my parents, had some short but sweet catch up sessions with my friends, and lazed around at home. All in all, it was one meaningful winter break. 

Now I am back on the school grind - hustling day and night because the design life is becoming more and more hectic. I feel like school is going to end in the blink of an eye. The idea of working is undoubtedly intimidating yet it excites me. To prep for the future, one of my favourite ways to be motivated and stay inspired is by checking out what others have done and reading articles.

The following three websites are my ultimate favourites (at least for now!) - I look through them almost every single day whenever I find the time to. 

BusinessInsider is what I always call "the-more-serious-Buzzfeed"; it features everything ranging from interesting studies and research information, advice for students/professionals, to interview tips, and many other fun topics. I must say I have learnt a lot just from browsing their websites and following some of their tips. 

Elite Daily has a lot of entertaining and light reads - not everything is serious and realistic. There are news-related articles if you'd like to read them from a specific POV - if not, their dating advice section is pretty cute to take a look at. 

This Is Colossal is definitely going to be my all-time-fave. It is a creative platform that showcases talented individuals and inspirational projects. If you like blowing your mind away, you should definitely check out every single page - I am sure you are bound to find something that you cannot take your eyes off! :)

Perhaps I will come across some more websites in the future - if so, I will put them up here as well. In the mean time, my next blog post should be about this one owl sketch that I did...hmmm. (HINT: you'd know which one I am talking about if you've recently been on my Instagram!) 

GOOD LUCK WITH SCHOOL/WORK; I will be back soon! :) 



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