Winter in Hong Kong never truly feels like winter - and I am definitely not complaining - it is unnecessary for hand warmers, tights, snow boots, or any winter attires, really; but of course, this statement is only valid if you are from anywhere that's got snow. Even though these white fluffs may look like fun and remind you of some Winter Wonderland - let me reassure you, they are not

Since the sun hangs high in the clear sky today and the temperature is back to its (almost) 20s, I see it as a sign to dress summer; so, why not preppy? I don't think I've ever stressed on this but preppy outfits are one of my go-to's now. They are adorable and work perfectly well with a range of occasions - from going to classes or hang outs to smart-casual events; not to even mention how easy it is to put together the whole outfit from head to toe. 

I have been working on some exciting projects and I am planning on checking them off my list before next year. Fingers crossed that all will go well. On a side note, Christmas is approaching and hecks yeah I cannot even sit still thinking about it. Hope you have a blast and don't forget to check this blog again in the coming week for a little some'n-some'n! (:




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