I Took A Trip To Struggleville

dress: monki // denim jacket: cotton on // shoes: Zara // hat: thrifted

I recently found out about my obsession with dresses (maybe not so much in winter). They are some of the easiest and fun clothing to style. Monki's dress is so so so adorable and whenever I am in it, I feel like a walking giant collection of fast food (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, right?). Denim, boots, and hat are my go-to's now when it comes to styling dresses. Easy pea-sy. 


It has definitely been a while and I'd absolutely hate to have to explain what happened for the past week for the tenth time because I am afraid it would turn into an all caps rage. In short, water damaged macbook, design deadlines, critiques, caffeine and more caffeine, rejection, emotional breakdown, and last but not least, dropped $2,000 on a brand new macbook. I honestly wanted to give up but I immediately realized how inappropriate that would be.

Nonetheless, I am up and running again. Life is back to normal and like the customer service guy yesterday said, "just keep it (laptop) dry, okay? Just keep it dry." And life will be good. 


When I had no laptop to kill time with, I was always pondering about life and being surprised by how different life suddenly became. I discovered things I overlooked before. I paid closer attention to the details around me. I spent more time talking with friends rather than stalking my friends online. It was only three days, but it was great.

I wonder if there will come a time in the future when we can look back at technology. Since people are throwing back for fashion, bringing out their good old high waist pants, florals, cropped tops, and more, what if one day someone decides to destroy all the electronics we have now? Then, maybe then, we would be able to physically and spiritually spend time with people we love and give them attention rather than connecting with them virtually. 

Anyway, finals are just around the corner, meaning that Christmas is only a month away - hurray! I am definitely beyond excited. Rooms filled with laughters and warmth, air smelt of turkey and wine, and every corner of the house shimmering in red and green. I cannot wait to hug my parents and give them kisses; to stroll around the harbour looking at Christmas lights; to fall asleep to the sweet tunes of Christmas music; oh and of course to fill my tummy with all kinds of food and chocolate.

Things to look forward to keep me going. 



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