Winter's Footsteps

The temperature was dropping drastically and now is staying at 0-6 celsius. With that being said, my daily life consists of Starbucks red cups (still have yet to taste my favourite peppermint though), bowls after bowls of noodles (udon/pho/anything soupy really), beanie and gloves, and frozen fingers and toes. Having lived in an extremely hot and humid climate for many years, I am still struggling to get used to breathing the cold, crisp air in the US.

Anyhow - my talented designer/photographer friend Renee and I finally found time to have a major catch up session. It is always great to spend time with friends like Renee because they inspire and motivate me so much. The sun was out as usual; and its subtle touch of warmth made it a lot nicer to shoot especially when the freezing air was numbing us both. We strolled through neighbourhoods and spent hours trying to stumble upon the perfect photo spots - and we ended on a great note sippin' some hot chocolate made from real chunks of chocolate (you heard me right).  

The conversation we had was surprisingly deep and philosophical; friends, the design life, religion, potential collaborations, future plans, relationships, etc, we talked about everything. We figured that we are currently in the stage of our lives where our paths are unclear and the world is full of unknown. We lost and gained people whom meant/means a lot to us. We fell deeply in love with design. We dream to travel around and live life to the most.

Right now, we are confused and lost; but at the same time, we are glowing with excitement and are ready for challenges. The only thing I can say is a simple "may the odds be ever in our (your) favor". (Obviously getting waaay too excited for the new HG movie...)

Til' next time!

[Photos shot with my Nikon D7100 & edited on Lightroom]

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