Wild Child

With the past five years or so filled with travelling back and forth between places, it has almost become a routine for me. Unfortunately when I no longer felt like soaring through the skies in a machine bird was something special, it could be the death of my inspirations. At first I thought I lost the curiosity - which is what makes being a traveller special - but eventually I figured I was picking the pace back up again.

Always on the run, I probably know how to pack my suitcase better than my backpack for a hike (intended a joke). But I am *fingers crossed* getting better at that - travelling locally has grow to be a huge part of my after-school-entertainment - it became a much-needed piece of my life. Tracing down the memory lane, I went on a mini adventure after I got back from home (which is all the way across the pacific ocean, in case you are curious) with my fellow best friends. Important sidenote: these guys have become my designated travel buddies, no doubt, I love 'em. 

We wandered through a series of small buildings by the gorgeous lake, the sun hung slightly low, illuminating the cold metal of warehouses and fences. In the midst of chitchatting and taking selfies, we arrived at a private property and obviously - snuck in. One great thing about exploring is having to the courage to sneak around, with the thought of possible consequences thrown to the back of your head. (I am definitely not encouraging violating the laws or anything similar. I am just saying.

With one of my friends leading the way, we stealthily hurried pass all the luxurious-looking lake houses and reached our ultimate destination, which was the end of the narrow "dock-way". We soaked in all the sunlight, our eyes desperately trying to indulge the jaw-dropping beauty of the shimmering Seattle cityscape. We struggled with getting ourselves to leave but we ended the day on a great note, catching a glimpse of the sunset from another side of the lake. 

Always travel and explore, venture out of your comfort zone, take in everything you can see and smell and feel. This is one of my favourite things about being alive. 

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