My Creative Ways


Summer now seems extremely faraway - my school-blues is completely gone, but scrolling through these shots Mama Bear once again shot for me, they bring me back to the good times I shared with my loved ones just several months ago. Occasionally I would get to catch up with my folks but I definitely miss being able to bum around at home with them, and catch a movie or grab quick meal together. But as odd as it may sound, I finally find the homesickness bearable.  


People always seem surprised whenever I post sketches or doodles on my social medias - questions like "how did you come up with that?" or "wow why are you so creative?" pop up and unfortunately, I do not have the answers to these questions. 

Yes - there was certainly a lot of hard work involved. Thanks to my (very) Asian family, it was required for my sister and I to pick up some sort of hobby and take a bunch of random classes. Based on my faded memory of childhood, life mostly consisted of going to math (Kumon was the thing back in the my ancient days) and piano and drawing classes. It was a pretty rough period of time, especially as a naive and stubborn 6-year-old like me, all I wanted to do was play, and play more. Eventually, parents had more (and higher) expectations, I became rebellious - I dropped every single one of my lessons but one: I kept drawing and painting. Instead of pressuring me, my parents gave me all the support in the world (kudos, 'rents <3).

Fast-forwarded twenty years later, I have never stopped drawing, and after the last few years of training, design has somehow found its way into my life. I love it - and the more I work on it, the more I fall in love. It's slowly merge into my very cluttered life and it paved way for my future. 

I rambled on for a while but point being, the first key to excel in what you do, in my case - art, is that you'd have to put in countless hours of your life dedicated to practising and perfecting it

As for how I get inspired/stay creative, it definitely depends on the person. Creativity is not something that weighs the same weight to every person. Whenever I find time, I take random strolls on streets near my apartment or even down by the lake, anywhere, really. Look at everything - scrutinise the details and ask questions. Don't stop thinking. Always try something new - be courageous and take risks. It is sooo easy to find inspiration somewhere you least expect it. 

  • Keep a notebook somewhere. You've probably heard this god-knows-how-many-times. Don't push yourself though - write down whatever comes into your mind that you think is extraordinary.
  • Observe. Never stop looking. Look at people, places, things, food - literally everything and anything. You are bound to come across something that strikes you.
  • Challenge yourself. If you think you can't do it, you'd have to first challenge yourself. This is a benefit-of-the-doubt-FREE zone. 
  • Be open-minded. There is nothing that shouldn't be done. When it comes to the creative process, there are no right or wrong. Be bazaar. Search beyond the clouds.
  • Go with the flow. When something swims into your head, if possible, I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and scribble the sh-- out of it. The flow is key. You might not be able to backtrack the idea again if you miss your chance.
  • Don't be jelly. Yes there are some people that are way more unique than you and they make you feel miniscule. Don't forget that there is always going to be people that are outstanding - top of the food chain - but you just do you. Focus on being yourself first before dreaming of becoming someone else. 
  • Take a break. Give yourself a pat on the back and go on a coffee run. Give yourself some reward. One thing I find very helpful during tough/stressful times is giving yourself the adequate "thumbs up" for achieving something. Some may consider it unnecessary, but this is how I roll. So there, living evidence, bam.

Well before I bombard you with more vague and seemingly pointless (hopefully you don't think so though) advice, I will halt for now and perhaps will return to this topic in some later time. But for now, hope you've learnt some new things about me and that you will take the time to contemplate on everything I've said (typed). I wish you all the best with whatever you do or are passionate about. 


Glor X

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