Finding Myself

Just like anybody, there are times when I doubt myself. Scrambling through memories of the past, I see a fragile girl with an unfamiliar face. Ten years ago - not even, five years ago - I was a completely different person. Pretentious, lonely, unhappy. Fast-forward to the present, I am cheerful, spontaneous, thankful. I have done a lot so that I could get back on my feet and feel again. Without even knowing, I picked up hobbies - ones that now define and motivate me, I learnt to talk - in a way that will make others laugh so hard they cannot breathe, I began to cherish all small things - an afternoon stroll by the lake, a cup of latte with nice foam art, a stranger's warm smile; gradually, I grew to like myself. I looked at myself and embraced the girl in the mirror with open arms. 

Now I am at the phase of life where I look clueless, feel clueless, and probably am clueless. College will fly by and the world will soon flip upside down. I will have to find myself again. 

But till then, I am laying in a pool of happiness, and I will take my sweet time to enjoy the swim. 


I am no writer, but I breathe and think and feel. I intend to blog about my nice clothes, my (occasional) artist's block, my creative flow, my hopefully interesting travels, and - well, basically my box of chocolate. (Forrest Gump reference, anybody?)

So I hope you would stick around for this extremely long and bizarre roller-coaster ride. 

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