Shopify Design Internship


Shopify's Pilot Design Internship Programme

April–July, 2017 / TORONTO

Created by Helen Tran, the programme was structured so three Design Interns (including myself) were put on four rotations (two on Growth team, two on Product team)–spending roughly three weeks on each team working closely with a mentor.


Growth Marketing Team

· Collaborated with a Senior Designer to create and edit materials for the POS Card Reader press launch
· Worked on visuals for the official POS Card Reader landing page for Unite 2017 (Shopify Partner & Developer Conference) and did QA with two developers

Growth Product Team

· Worked with the Marketing Automation Manager to unify seven different e-mail template styles by creating three specific ones
· Designed a campaign landing page from ideation to launch for the Product Growth Manager

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Product Team–Identity

· Audited Shopify’s current login practices and presented problems space, opportunities, and key insights to a team of designers, developers, and stakeholder (roughly seventeen people)
· Wrote a competitive analysis based on research findings and presented to the designers
· Built a proposal for recommended login practices as a starting point for the team to refer to

Product Team–App Store

· Ran an elaborated audit on Shopify’s app store and app listing pages to identify existing problem areas and opportunity spaces
· Assisted UXR by interviewing merchants to gather data and research findings for synthesis
· Presented and participated in a workshop and design sprints to align a team of developers, researchers, designers, and stakeholders (roughly twenty people)