↓ Overview

 Problem Space: People are marginalized everyday because of their differences: wealth gaps, physical appearances, racial backgrounds, and many more. 

 Opportunity: To alleviate marginalization by improving emotional learning systems in schools.

 Solution: Nebula is an immersive and story-based learning system that helps people develop the skills of emotional intelligence. 

 Team: Ben Schiffler, Gloria Ip, Jordan Kiga, Robin Yoo, Rishi Agarwal, Tyler Sinclair Monteferrante. 

 My Roles: Research, film; storyboard, concept art, animation. 

↓ Project Process

Research, Affinity Diagram, Problem Space, Key Opportunity, Audience
We wanted to find the roots of marginalization and understand the psychology behind it. As we conducted in-depth primary and secondary research, we found that people's lack of empathy is a main cause of marginalization.

We saw an opportunity to build a tool that encourages the three main concepts of Emotional Intelligence (commonly known as empathy): to listen, share,
and understand.


Ideate, Interaction Model, Storyboard, Script, Character Designs, Rough Prototype
After several ideating sessions, we all agreed on the form our design would take. We sketched out an interaction model to help guide ourselves; we also created a rough storyboard and script.  


Rework Script, Refine Visuals + Film, Animate, Edit Final Video


The way it works...
Nebula is a narrative-based empathy education system, and it involves two parties – the students and the educators. The students first make choices in the game, which is given to the educators. The educators then use this feedback to tailor discussions for the students.

Relating to Emotional Intelligence...
Children would have to listen to the characters in the game. They need to think about the environment and work out the pros and cons of the situation before making tough decisions based on options that have no obvious answers. They begin to understand their own feelings and emotions as they see how their choices change the story. Afterwards, they practice sharing their newly understood feelings in group discussions (which can be tailored by the educators).


We know we are not curriculum designers, and we haven’t developed something that can solve all marginalization. However, we have designed a system that can teach people to be more empathetic. Ultimately, Nebula reinforces existing curriculums and can be done on a short and regular basis. The system isn’t tied onto one device — it can work on existing technology platforms and be scaled to older grades/workplaces to discuss mature topics.