MAD Campus Poster



Mad Campus was a public art exhibition held at the University of Washington that featured installations created by a selected number of artists.

In order to incorporate the idea of people hunting down these installations in my poster-design, I came up with an abstract representation of locations/points on a map (the orange dots). These dots are connected by lines to indicate people looking for and mapping out these installations. A purple and yellow triangle overlay a photograph of the quad (a distinctive location on campus) to form a "W" (for U"W"). The bottom shows a landscape silhouette of the UW campus, once again emphasizing on the location-aspect. 



I consider the experience of collaborating alongside with the extremely talented UW Design Faculty and the UW College of Arts & Sciences MarComm team very valuable and enjoying. There was a huge learning curve –especially because as the designer for the poster, I had to work with both the client (MadArt) and the two design teams involved. There were times when there was miscommunication, but it all worked out perfectly.