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👋 Hi there, my name is Gloria.

Previously at Shopify, Adobe, and Fjord, I am now a Product Designer at Loblaw Digital!

Prior to working, I studied interaction design and 3D animation—something I am still passionate about today.

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💻 Why work with me:

“Gloria quickly learned new processes and techniques and started delivering improvements within first weeks of her term. She demonstrated strong visual design skills and excellent attention to details. Gloria will be a valuable asset for any organization. I can recommend her for any position that she chooses to pursue.”

Andrey Gargul / Design Lead @ Shopify

“Gloria contributed to the team an excitement for the craft of Design we all eagerly welcomed. In her short time there, she quickly learned more about her craft, her team, and Shopify while providing value with her work.

Shopify's environment is rather quick-paced and chaotic. Gloria took this in-stride and didn't let this discourage her and I was continually impressed with her output and growth. Overall, she is committed, enthusiastic, and a quick-learner. I'd imagine she'd make a great addition to any design team.

Helen Tran / Founder of Jupiter, FORMER Design Lead @ Shopify

“Gloria has excellent design and communication skills. She contributed in a meaningful way to our product design efforts, presenting designs for review in team critiques, presenting design direction to the development team, and documenting designs for team reference.

Gloria is well trained in design techniques and tools, applying them effectively to her creative process. Enthusiastic, communicative and proactive with her contribution, Gloria has demonstrated her ability to be a top candidate for any creative firm or software company.

Brett Marshall / Sr. Experience Design Manager @ Adobe



💡 What I can’t stop thinking or talking about:

  • Camping, backpacking, and travelling

  • Designing for social issues

  • Animating, drawing, and painting

  • Learning, learning, and learning more

  • Contributing to the design community